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Visalli Diego - P.IVA 02969010806

Visalli Diego - P.IVA 02969010806




 from generation to generation 


The Origins of

The Visalli winery was founded in 1950.

It is located in the charming town of Melito di Porto Salvo (RC), a few steps from the sea.

Founded by the then thirty-year-old Diego Visalli, an enterprising and enterprising merchant; in fact, it has been marketing grapes and wine since the postwar period, following its commercial activities the company grows and continues to develop. The growth path has been long and even arduous.

Then as today, the grapes were purchased from the large vineyards located in the Cirò area; this involved great sacrifices in the transport of the product, easily overcome by the tenacity shown by its founder.

Now those vineyards, after 50 years, are managed for rent by the winery, so as to give life to a quality viticulture.



The growing

Step by Step

The family tradition is continued by his son Carmelo who transforms the company from a local reality into a well-known winery in Calabria and gradually in Italy.

Diego, the third Visalli generation, took over the reins of the company under the watchful and present eye of his father Carmelo, introducing an entrepreneurial spirit into the company projected towards a complete vision of the company, transforming daily production into a reality of refinement, in fact new investments were made on a technical level by investing in new barriques, production and bottling plants.


The Future

Pursuit of Quality

Since 2017, the company has been followed by Piero Artuso with whom it was decided to set a path of exponential growth, linking the ancient with the modern.

The winery produces and bottles different types of IGP coming, in particular, from the renowned vineyards of Cirò.

The company's strategy, as well as its predominant feature, is the continuous, almost tireless pursuit of product quality, which must be faithful to its production origin but, with attention to international taste.